Rev J. N. Wordlaw Scholarship

The Pastor J. N. Wordlaw the College Scholarship Ministry was established in his honor and memory. Each year during Black History month we hold a variety of fundraising opportunities to support Mt Hebron Students who are successfully enrolled on higher education.

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Bible Class Questions

Join us for Vacation Bible School 2016!  June 20 - 24 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 

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AFC Prayer Breakfast

Join us for our Annual Prayer Breakfast May 14th, 9:00am... AFC

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Church Retreat

Join us this year for our Annual Church Family Retreat July ....  For more information click HERE!

Our Scholarship Ministry

The J. N. Wordlaw Scholarship Fund of Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church has existed since the 1959. This ministry was initiated by Christians who wanted to provide a means of supporting young members who pursued higher education. Our goal is to encourage and support academic skills and growth in Christian students. We believe that it is our responsibility as Christians to engage in a ministry that leads to personal, spiritual, intellectual growth and transformation.

The scholarship fund offers youth involved in the ministries of the church, scholarship assistance to accredited colleges or universities.  These scholarships are dispersed out to full time students over the course of 4 academic years to an average of 4 students per year. Awarded scholarships are not automatically renewed; a student must apply each year. Since its inception, we estimate that more than $ 79,000 has been dispersed to youth involved in our church.

Funds for this ministry are raised through the following venues:

  • Yearly appropriated Funds
  • Private donations
  • Fund-raisers

Our Current Recipients

  • Tiffany Harris 3rd year Valparaiso University Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Alfonso McKinney 3rd year University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Amanda Sanford 1st year Clark-Atlanta University Atlanta, Georgia

Support our 2013 Fund Raiser

Dinner Theater Featuring the Play "THE HELP!"

Sunday, February 24, 2013,  Time: 1:30pm

Tickets prices: $15.00 (Ages 18-up), $7.00 (Ages 6-17), Free (Under Age 5)

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For more information contact a J.N. Wordlaw Scholarship Committee member at:

Thank You! Although there have been budget crunches, Mount Hebron members continue to assist in making secondary education a little more affordable for our students. We currently need more members to support this worthwhile ministry, in time and in currency.

Criteria for Receiving the Pastor J. N. Wordlaw Scholarship

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J N Wordlaw Scholarship

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Cedar Lake, In!

30th Annual Gospel Retreat

View From The Lake

Standing on the shore looking at our facility ...

Look where we are staying ...

Wait until the next photo once you're inside ...

Beautiful lobby

Reflect, study, fellowship ...

Hotel style rooms

Adults 2 per room, Youth 3 per room ...

Lounge on the lodging deck

Great for team/group meetings...

Can't forget about the kids

One of the playgrounds for the kids...

Dining Room

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

themed object

Latest News

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  • Read the Bible it's user friendly, TECH support offered Sunday's at 9:00AM
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