Mt Hebron Church History

Matthew 16:18
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

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Bible Class Questions

Join us for Vacation Bible School 2016!  June 20 - 24 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 

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AFC Prayer Breakfast

Join us for our Annual Prayer Breakfast May 14th, 9:00am... AFC

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Church Retreat

Join us this year for our Annual Church Family Retreat July ....  For more information click HERE!

Our Pastor

Lloyd L. Keith

Personal Beliefs

Assured of eternal salvation with God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and being called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my objective in this life is to do the will of God. MORE


Mt Hebron Baptist Church 3445-47 W Douglas Blvd Chicago, Il 60623


Weekly Services

Tuesday Evening

  • Bible Class - 7:00PM
    • Adult/Teen Class
    • Elementary Classes
      • 2 Classes

    Wednesday Evening

  • Prayer Meeting - 6:30PM
  • Thursday Evening

  • Youth Ministries - 6:30PM
  • AFC Rehearsal - 7:30PM
  • Our Church History

    Humble Beginnings

    Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church had very humble beginnings. The church began as a Mission Circle in 1926 by a group of young people whose main goal was to solicit funds to help relieve the poor. This group called themselves the “Gospel Relief Workers”. Three years later, in April of 1929, Rev. J. P. Ezell of South Carolina joined the group. Reverend Ezell envisioned a larger organization and led efforts toward this end by recruiting children from house to house. Reverend Ezell felt that if he gained the children this would lead to the recruitment of adults. His efforts were fruitful and led to the retention of several adults and their families. This larger group furthered God’s efforts by organizing a church. In 1930, this church was formerly organized and named the Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church. The original edifice was located at 1829 West Taylor Street in Chicago.

    As is so common in the Body of Christ, Reverend Ezell’s efforts were blessed with the assistance of the spiritual gifts of others. John Carter, Donnie Fields, Willie G. Swaney, George Skinner and Rufus Turner began the foundation for the first Deacon Board. Deacon Fields and Deacon Carter remained faithful members of Mount Hebron until their deaths (1963 and 1968, respectively). The lower auditorium of the current church building is dedicated to the memory of Deacon Carter.


    Prosperity resulted in a move of the church to 1857 West Roosevelt and then later to 2049 West Roosevelt Road. In 1941, the church was blessed by the pastorship of Reverend Joshua Napoleon Wordlaw.

    The church flourished under Reverend Wordlaw and in 1957 was blessed to move from its Roosevelt address to ownership of property and an older church building on its current location on the southeast corner of St. Louis Street and Douglas Boulevard. The official address of the church at that time was 3453 West Douglas Boulevard.

    In 1983, the members of the Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church were forced to vacant the premises because of building code violations. During this time, God remained faithful to the congregation and provided for church services in the basement of the Lawndale Interracial Baptist Church until the current church building was completed. In January of 1984, members of Mount Hebron proudly marched into a new church building proclaiming the address of 3447 West Douglas Boulevard. 

    Reverend Wordlaw served faithfully until his death in 1991. As is common after the death of a long-term pastor, the church underwent several splits in membership.

    The men who pastured the church during this time (in successive order) were: Reverend Norman Donahue, Sr., Reverend Roderick Baker and Reverend Garrett R. Pearson.

    And Now

    On July 31, 2000 in an unprecedented unanimous vote, the members of Mount Hebron embraced Lloyd L. Keith as its pastor. Pastor Keith faithfully serves as the current pastor.




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    Cedar Lake, In!

    30th Annual Gospel Retreat

    View From The Lake

    Standing on the shore looking at our facility ...

    Look where we are staying ...

    Wait until the next photo once you're inside ...

    Beautiful lobby

    Reflect, study, fellowship ...

    Hotel style rooms

    Adults 2 per room, Youth 3 per room ...

    Lounge on the lodging deck

    Great for team/group meetings...

    Can't forget about the kids

    One of the playgrounds for the kids...

    Dining Room

    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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