Our Vision

for a New Millennium


To enhance church worship exalting God in a worship experience that will exalt the Lord and give honor to his name.


Outreach ministry to men, women, boys and girls in the community providing assistance in spiritual healing, social matters, and physical health with the ultimate goal to lead them to Christ.

Economic Empowerment:

To build God's kingdom within the Mount Hebron Church family and our surrounding community.

To develop an economic foundation in which to build upon the principle of the Bible and provide a guide in which we will follow to become economically incorporated as a people.

To provide training for youth so that they will be future entrepreneurs.


To broaden our educational programs that will encompass the total man.

Spiritual enrichment, reading and remedial programs.

To develop a viable library with a religious bookstore and tutorial programs.

To provide training in all aspects of computer technology to facilitate spiritual and economic growth.


To direct and win souls for Christ - those who do not know Christ as their personal Savior, those who have been led away from the faith and those who are in the faith.


To facilitate the members of this church and community at large in developing the attitudes and skills needed to become effective leaders in the church, home and community.

Political Empowerment:

To improve the overall quality of life for the community by taking actions which will promote community involvement, political advocacy, and voter education.